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It's never been easier to run a casino.
It's never been cheaper.
Do you know what is Bitcoin?
1 BTC bankroll
60,008 bets operated
226 casinos
Basic startup
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2 Follow our simple guide
3 Promote
4 Profit
Using betbase is for free
Custom startup
  • Unique design,
  • custom games,
  • promotion,
  • technical management,
  • and much more...
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Ready-made scripts
We provide you with a few ready-made scripts for instant use. You are free to edit the code or design in any way to fit your needs. Follow our startup guide for further instructions.
Shared bankroll
You don't have to invest even a cent. Every bet is sent to our servers to process against our bankroll. You will get paid no matter if it's a win or lose, that means the risk is entirely on our side.
Get paid for every bet
Every bet your casino makes is a profit for you. For every bet made you'll get paid 50% of the house edge of the bet. For example, if player bets 1 BTC in your casino and the house edge is 1%, you'll get paid 0.005 BTC (50% of 1% of the bet) no matter if player wins or loses. We take the risks.
Experienced team
We're actively developing Bitcoin casinos since 2013. Many of our customers are running successful businesses these days using our custom-made software and active support. You may heared about some of the scripts we made (CoinSlots, CoinDice, ...).

We have a great knowledge of security, some of which was learnt the hard way at our very beginnings. Since 2015 we've built a great team of experts we're working with every day.
Owned by shareholders
Betbase is owned by its shareholders. You have a choice of participating in company strategy as well as some important decisions. You'll receive dividends every 6 months. Learn more.