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About betbase shares
Our shares are distributed in the form of Counterparty's assets. Counterparty allows you to trade our shares in its DEx (decentralized exchange). We would like to add other exchanges in the future.

The total amount of shares is 100,000,000. This will not change as long as shareholders won't decide for the change by voting.

60,000,000 shares (60%) will be distributed at the end of ICO.
10,000,000 shares (10%) will be used for bounties during the ICO and after its ending.
30,000,000 shares (30%) stays in betbase for voting rights and ownership purposes.
ICO starts on November 27th, 2016, 22:00 CET and ends on December 18th, 2016, 22:00 CET. The address for sending Bitcoins will be published on our ICO page. This will be a cold wallet address.

After ICO has finished, 60,000,000 (+5,000,000 bounties) shares will be distributed percentually (e.g. if we collect 100 BTC and your investment is 2 BTC, you'll receive 1,200,000 shares).
Early investors' advantage
You can get a bonus according to in what week did you send investment.

The bonuses are:
10% - investment in the first week
5% - investment in second week
We'll pay dividends every 6 months and we'll keep our shareholders updated about our costs, revenues and other factors affecting the amount of dividends.
Our shareholders have the right to vote in all important decisions regarding betbase.

Each voting will be done by releasing 100,000,000 of voting tokens which will be distributed to the shareholders' Bitcoin addresses via the Counterparty network. 1 betbase share equals 1 vote. We'll create 2 or more addresses (according options) for receiving votes. Shareholders will then send their amount of votes to one (or more) of voting addresses.
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