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Betbase makes your betting safer.
Casinos running on betbase platform guarantees top security of your finance and user data. Think of betbase as one wallet for all casinos, from which you can deposit your money into casinos so that the risks are much lower. Betbase also guarantees the use of Provably Fair mechanism in its casinos.
Main features
One account for all casinos
You don't have to remember dozens of passwords or experience fear from giving one password to dozens of server administrators. Sign up on betbase and use one secured account across all of our casinos!
Tired of the authorization process every time you visit a casino? Use betbase to login with a simple two clicks in any casino.
Provably fair gambling
Our casinos can't cheat on you and betbase can prove that to you by its Provably Fair mechanism. Learn more on how it works.
Overall security
Betbase has a great team of security experts to keep your finance safe. We have a control processes and strict security systems and we're using cold wallet. With betbase, your funds are safe.
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