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Startup Guide
We understand not everyone is a dev or able to pay them. This guide is for those of you who just want to focus on what's important when running casino. We'll try to be as clear as we can in giving you instructions. Our goal is to point you directions that are as simple to undestand as possible.
Register a domain name
You'll need a domain name where people can find your casino. We recommend NameCheap as they accept Bitcoin and their prices are acceptable.
Get hosting
You also need the hosting where your code will be located. If you don't intend to have any kind of additional server logic, a simple static files hosting will do. Try GoDaddy. There's also plenty of other (even free) alternatives, but keep in mind that if you want a reliable provider, it will cost you something. Another option is to use GitHub static hosting.

If you're experienced developer or you're planning to add some server-side logic, we recommend to look for some VPS or dedicated server hosting.
Point your domain to your hosting
If your hosting provider is different than your domain registrar, you'll need to set the domain's DNS records to point to your hosting IP. This is provider-specific setting so you'll probably want to follow some guide published by your provider.
Create new casino
If you're not a registered user, create an account first. If you already have an account, create casino.
Get our ready-made casino script
At this point, you have a domain name and hosting ready. Download one of our ready-made casino script and upload it (possibly via FTP) to your hosting. Before uploading, you need to specify your casino identifier and change some basic settings. To do that, follow instructions in INSTRUCTIONS.txt file.

If you're a dev, feel free to edit our scripts in any way you want to suit your needs.
And that's it. You should be all set to start attracting players to try your new casino. Remember, you'll get paid for every bet your players will make through your casino, no matter if they win or lose.
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