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What is BetBase?
BetBase is a base platform for various casinos across the Bitcoin space. From players' perspective, BetBase acts as an online web wallet allowing them to control their overall security and their funds across all BetBase's casinos. BetBase also guarantees the use of Provably Fair mechanism. For casino owners, there's much more we can offer.
Do I need to invest into my casino bankroll?
No. We share whole betbase bankroll with your casino so you don't have to invest any of your money to run it. You can however deposit money into your casino and use it as faucet or welcome bonuses and other types of promotion.
How much will I be paid for running casino?
You will be paid for every bet your casino make. You get 50 % of all expected profits according to formula (wager*house_edge*0.5). This means even if players are winning and house (betbase) is losing, we still pay you.
What are the costs for using betbase?
You can run your casino at betbase for free. There are no monthly fees. You can never lose money because we take 50 % only from real casino profits.
How are you protected against theft?
We store almost all bitcoins in cold storage and we are approving bigger or suspicious withdrawals manually. We are also doing regular security checks and constantly improving used technologies.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us at